Have you ever wanted to explore the world of Data Science?
If yes, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Analytics Vidhya is organizing a Data Science Workshop followed by a competition "Data Science Hack", inclusive of a price of Rs. 10,000 Amazon Cash at stake during Plinth 2016.
So, get your grey cells tickling, learn data science from industry experts, and compete among your peers to win loads of prizes.
Learn a Compete a Win

Date : Jan 22nd 2016 Note : Content will be covered from basic.
  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. How to use different tools(R, Python ,Excel)
  3. How to approach a Business problem
  4. How to perform predictive modeling
Business problem
During the Hackthon you will build a model for Dream Housing Finance Company which deals in home loans. You will have to predict for them, whom to provide home loan among the applied applications.
Aayush Agrawal
Pulkit Pahwa
  1. In-Depth knowledge of Data Science
  2. Learning required skills from industry experts
  3. Being aware about the scope and future of Data Science
  4. Thorough Knowledge of Predictive Modeling
  5. Ability to explore different domains of Data Science
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