A workshop on "SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY" presented by i3indya Technologies.

Ever been fascinated by Robots? Ever been blown away by smart AIs? Ever appreciated the Machines? Ever been blown away by the uber-cool technology of the Terminator, Minority Report or Mr. Tony Stark? If these are a turn on-s for you, then the event "SIXTH SENSE BOTZ" is definitely the right place for you.

Video Demo

Date : Jan 23rd - 24th
  1. Introduction to Robotics
  2. Basic practical exposure with interfacing peripherals
  3. Integrated Chips & Actuators
  4. Development of Autonomous Robot
  5. Serial communication
  6. Bluetooth technology
  7. Image Processing Using MATLAB
  8. Video Processing

Project to be covered
  1. Development of Autonomous Robot
  2. PC Controlled Robot
  3. Bluetooth (wireless) Robot using PC
  4. Wearable gesture controlled Robot
  5. Wearable gesture Controlled Web Browsing
  6. Wearable gesture Controlled PC
  7. Ball follower Robot
  1. You will be able to implement logical operations in Hardware.
  2. Learn areas of robotics directly from industry experts.
  3. Understanding the skill set required in a new employee in embedded industry.
  4. Understanding the robotics future and scope Understanding the different microcontroller available in the industry & their use.
  5. In-depth knowledge on design, construction and programming concepts involved in building an autonomous robot Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts
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Deepika Singhal : +91-9461481539 | deepikasinghal.07@gmail.com
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