Do You Think That Your Facebook Password's Are Safe?
How Do You Know If The Transactions That You Do Are Safe Or Not?
What If Someone Is Monitoring Your Gmail Accounts? What Are You Going To Do Then? Have You Ever Thought About It?
Well No Need To Worry!!!
Enter Into The World Of Hacking As An Ethical Hacker.
Enter At Your Own Risk...

Date : 22nd - 24th Jan
  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  2. Windows & BIOS Hacking
  3. Steganography
  4. Virus & Worms
  5. Trojans
  6. Spoofing Series
  7. Unblocking Web Resources
  8. Google Dorking
  9. Social Engineering Attacks
  10. Web Application Hacking-:
  11. Network Hacking
  12. Android Mobile Hacking
  13. Secure Social Networking & Browsing
  14. Cyber Laws
  1. Be White Hat Hacker
  2. Learn from the basics of Ethical Hacking
  3. Learn to use Kali (Linux based Penetration Testing OS)
  4. Live demonstrations of Various hacking tricks
  5. We have successfully organized more than 500 workshops across India
  7. Certificate of Participation to all participants
  8. Certificate of Coordination to all coordinators
  9. Enhance your Knowledge through various Live Projects
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